Undergraduate Teaching Assistants

If you have a love of Pitt, a desire to teach, and great interpersonal skills, you may make an excellent Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA). Join the more than 90 upperclassmen who dedicate their time to help first-term students make their transition to college a smooth and successful one. If you have taken Academic Foundations (FP 0001, FP 0002, FP 0004, or FP 0008) or First-Year Seminar (FP 0003), you have the opportunity to pass on the knowledge you have gained by working as Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs) in those courses.

What is a UTA?

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants or UTAs are role models, resources, and friends to each year’s new group of incoming students. UTAs are motivated by a desire to help other students adjust to college or share the wealth of information they have accumulated over their time at Pitt. It also is a way for you to gain self-confidence and satisfaction from helping others learn.

First-Year Programs places a UTA in each section of Academic Foundations and First-Year Seminar it offers.

UTA Responsibilities

As an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for First-Year Programs you assist instructors in the Academic Foundations or First-Year Seminar classes. You work closely with the faculty or staff member instructing the course and usually help plan the syllabus for the semester. As a UTA, you attend every class session, help the instructor organize activities for the class, lead class discussions, and assist students with their acclimation to the University of Pittsburgh. A detailed job description is available upon request at dietrichfp@pitt.edu.

UTA Requirements

Do you have a desire to make a difference in a student’s life? Do you want to pass on helpful strategies to help students thrive at Pitt? If so, consider becoming a UTA. The following information details the requirements to become a UTA:

You must:

  • Have taken or be taking either FP 0001, FP 0002, FP 0003, FP 0004, or FP 0008.
  • Have a desire to help new students.

New UTAs are required to attend an orientation session. You will be matched with an instructor based on your class schedule. We will notify you of your instructor and class time during the summer.

How to Become a UTA

If you have questions about the UTA position, please schedule an appointment with a member of the First-Year Programs team!  You can contact a team member by sending an email to First-Year Programs, scheduling an appointment using Navigate Student, or calling the office at 412-624-9100.

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