Summer Undergraduate Research Awards

The Summer Undergraduate Research Awards (SURA) provide a $4,000 stipend to conduct independent research over the summer. Titles of recent SURA topics range from "Queer Cinema and the Spectator/Voyeur Narrative: Performance and Performativity" to "Migrant Health and Human Rights". SURA recipients also enroll in a 12-week summer SURA course to learn how to communicate their research findings to a general audience.

Application Details

Eligible Dietrich School undergraduates who

  • are interested in joining a community of scholars
  • are interested in conducting self-directed research
  • can secure a faculty mentor within the disciplinary area of the research topic. 

Application Deadline: March 4, 2024

Apply for Summer 2024


Application Materials

  1. Cover Page (PDF)
  2. Research Proposal, describing the project. The proposal should be 3-4 pages (excluding citations) typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font with 1-inch margins. Appendices and addendum are not allowed.
  3. Community Statement, addressing the prompt: As a Summer Undergraduate Research Award recipient, you will participate in a community of scholars. What excites you about sharing your perspective with this community? How do you think conversations with your fellow participants will enrich your development as a thinker and an individual? Your statement should be typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font and using 1-inch margins.
  4. Letter of Support, from a faculty sponsor who accepts responsibility for the oversight of the project as is appropriate within the discipline. Direct faculty sponsor to submit letter of support on your behalf to by posted deadline.
  5. Confirmation, that applicant will not simultaneously hold other summer research awards (e.g., OUR awards, Frederick Honors College fellowships).
  6. For Research with Human Subjects: All students whose research will involve human subjects, or the analysis of data and/or samples from humans, must consult with the University of Pittsburgh Human Research Protection Office (HRPO). You must consult with the HRPO prior to conducting any research activities to determine if an IRB submission is needed and what type of IRB review is required. Please see the Student Research guidance on the HRPO web site. Contact with questions and for a consult about your project.
  7. Note on Covid-19 Safety and Summer Undergraduate Research: While students may undertake research that involves in-person activity, students are also highly encouraged to propose research that may be carried out virtually. Accepted SURA recipients whose projects involve any in-person components will be required to submit documentation at the start of the summer term to detailing how their work will be carried out in accordance with the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Area Activity Plan. Please note that this documentation is separate from the Application and is not required at the time of application.