Welcome to the Dietrich School

We're glad you're here! This page will help connect you to resources that may be helpful as you prepare to begin your Dietrich School story.

Find out about Academic Communities and First-Year Programs courses

Academic Communities are small groups of like-minded students who take three courses together in their first term, all focused around a specific area of interest. It's a great way to meet people and check out courses in a major that interests you. Learn about Academic Communities

First-Year Programs also offers a one-credit Academic Foundations course, which introduces a small group of students to each other, the campus and the city. Another option is First-Year Seminar, which combines Academic Foundations with your Seminar in Composition requirement so you can get that checked off right away. Learn about Academic Foundations and First-Year Seminar

Preparing for your Academic Advising Appointment

Now that you have completed the Academics Module of the online orientation, you will soon receive an e-mail invitation to schedule your required academic advising appointment (if you haven't done so already). Your advising appointment is going to be an active collaboration, so be prepared and ready to engage in the process. We really want to get to know you, so be sure to share information with us about yourself and your goals.

You are ready for your advising appointment if you have:

  1. Completed the academic module of the online orientation, submitted the required survey and scheduled your required academic advising appointment.
  2. Reviewed the placement guidelines and taken any assessments that apply to you. Placement assessments are required for some courses offered in Biological Sciences, English Composition, Mathematics, Music Theory, and Languages before you can enroll.
  3. Reviewed the major/minor/certificate information sheet(s) for the program(s) you are interested in exploring.
  4. Written down a list of questions to ask your academic advisor.
  5. Reviewed the first-year courses.
  6. Added your anticipated courses to your shopping cart. Don't remember how to do this?  Here is some additional help (PDF).
  7. To access Zoom, go to my.pitt.edu and search for Zoom. Login to Zoom on your device using the "Sign in with SSO" option, enter the doman pitt.zoom.us, and login on the follwing page with your Pitt username and password. Be sure to click on the link included in your appointment confirmation email to initiate the Zoom meeting just prior to your scheduled appointment. You will be entered into a waiting room and your advisor will admit you into the meeting when it is time to begin.