Enrollment Resources

Creating your schedule takes a lot of thoughtful planning, time and effort. Check out the following resources to help make the process go more smoothly.

Resources for Making Your Schedule

From searching for classes to how to enroll, get the information you're looking for here. Access resources for making your schedule.

Other Undergraduate Schools at the University

If you are planning to apply for internal transfer to another school here at the University of Pittsburgh, refer to the linked document to read more about the prerequisites and admission requirements for the program to which you are interested in applying. Download information about Other Schools @ Pitt.

Enrollment Troubleshooting

Run into an issue while enrolling? No problem. Check out these resources to troubleshoot the issue.

Additional Resources

The University of Pittsburgh Undergraduate Catalog contains important information about the policies, procedures and requirements for each undergraduate school at the University of Pittsburgh. Refer to it for more information about grading, course repeats, graduation requirements, and academic standing etc. 

Need some help finding your way around campus? This printable or interactive Campus Map can help.